Monthly Archives: May 2013

Twenty-Seventh Floor

The stories of this building rise.   Each floor – a broken promise to herself.   The neighborhood she never left.   The better jobs she never took.   The good man she never found.   The children she never had.   She’s hanging from the fire escape on the twenty-seventh floor –   and […]


Charlie’s here, talking about his story, about how “life’s an endless pit of chaotic bullshit, but every now and then it all makes sense, like there’s some kind of cosmic order, and that’s what makes life worth living, you know?” and Simon’s telling him, “it’s a substantial idea, but it’s already been done, man. It’s […]

A Burial

The city lights and winding roads, the bathtubs and harmonicas, the time he shaved her legs.   She wrote it off so painfully, striking hard against each key. It’s all ink on paper now, set inside a box.   She’s pulling up the floorboards, nails separate from flesh, blistered fingers bleed.   She brought him […]


Did they warn you about me? he asks, wearily.   And suddenly I am ill with empathy.   In his tired eyes, I see my own mistakes.   My own fuck-ups and follies.   My own sinister ghosts, my own misgivings.   My own readiness to be someone else.   To be fair, I tell […]