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We’re standing on the front porch, this time. I’m barefoot and tired, with one hand resting on my hip and the other gripping the knob of the front door – more of a gestured statement than a threat, really, or perhaps just self-assurance that this time I might not follow you. You run your fingers […]


Rooftops Published this morning in The Blue Hour Magazine.

Florence Sun (Published in Frost Writing)

Wednesday (Published in Backhand Stories)


She walked along the beach, In search of the entrance to the train station. Tired, happy, but slightly lost. And then, between the promenade and water, There he was. Her grandfather, still alive in another world. With his eyes as blue as the Mediterranean behind him, And hair as white as the sand beneath their […]

La Mirada

She sits on the edge of the bed, With her knees tucked under her chin. “Give me that look,” he says, “that look you always give me.” Unaware of the particular look, She doesn’t know she gives, She raises her head, And smiles. “Yes,” he says, “that’s a good one too.”

October Tells (published in Up the Staircase Quarterly)

free cab ride for a broken heart. (Published in Backhand Stories)

her heart is going home. (Published in Frost Writing)